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Papilloma in the throat: causes and treatment | diseases

Papilloma in the throat is the occurrence of a tumor in the laryngeal cavity. It refers to benign tumors. In medicine, they encounter it very often.

The cause of papilloma is considered a virus that is able to penetrate only into human cells. The occurrence of such neoplasms is most often found in children under five years of age, rarely there are cases of papillomas in men in the age period from 20 to 30 years. Sometimes there are congenital papillomas.

Causes of papillomas

The main reason for the development of a neoplasm is the appearance in the body of a virus that contains DNA. The virus reads 120 species, some of them can cause benign neoplasms in the human body. The virus provokes the proliferation of connective tissue.

Papillomas are found in different shapes and colors. They are red, pale pink, white. In appearance, neoplasms can resemble tubercles, cockscombs, and cauliflower. The virus contributes to the emergence of many papillomas, isolated formations medical leps nez kdy v 70 celebrity are formed very rarely.

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Papilloma appears:

In the soft sky;

On tongue;

On the walls of the pharynx;

In the field of vocal cords;

In the trachea.

Papillomas located on the tongue, tonsils and kontakta oss muscle palate are not dangerous, they do not cause difficulty in breathing.

A number of reasons can provoke the activity of the virus and increase the number of neoplasms. These reasons include:


Low immunity;

Chronic inflammation of the throat, ear;

difficulty breathing

Scarlet fever, measles;

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In adults, papillomas that occur in the area of ​​the trachea and bronchi can degenerate into malignant tumors. Therefore, they are carefully monitored by doctors, conduct a biopsy analysis of tissues.

Removal of neoplasms does not guarantee that new ones will not arise, since the very cause of the occurrence – the virus, remains in the human body.

Symptoms of papilloma formation

Tumors of small sizes may not appear. They are found during medical examinations. In adults, hoarseness may develop during tumor growth. Rarely there is a cough and shortness of breath.

In children, symptoms appear differently. The child has hoarseness in his voice kroppsbyggande skador bodybuilding, difficulty breathing. Any physical activity, running is manifested by shortness of breath, suffocation. These symptoms require compulsory treatment. In children, the situation can be exacerbated by the fact that in any case of a cold, asphyxiation can begin. The larynx in children under five is still narrow, due to the occurrence of a neoplasm, it narrows even more. With a cold in the larynx, swelling can occur, which will lead to suffocation.

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Diagnosis of papillomas

Papillomas are diagnosed during examination of the ENT specialist, after patient complaints. The final diagnosis is made after laryngoscopy of the tumor.

Due to the fact that in adults a tumor can develop into a malignant one, an additional examination is necessary:


X-ray and tomography;

A blood test for the detection of the papilloma virus in the blood.

Neoplasm treatment

causes treatment

Getting rid of papillomas is carried out surgically, removal of neoplasms. There are several ways to remove:

Laser operation;

Liquid nitrogen;

Incision with a scalpel.

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The most effective is laser removal. This procedure is performed under local gotowanie owadw w temperaturze 10 c lub w for sale anesthesia. A crust forms at the site of the neoplasm, which subsequently disappears forever.

Removal with liquid nitrogen represents the freezing of a tumor, which then dies and disappears.

Least of all, surgical removal with a scalpel is used. It leaves scars and relapses of the disease are often manifested.

difficulty breathing

Treatment after removal

The surgical method only removes only the external signs of the disease. But inside the human remains a virus that needs to be fought. It is necessary to increase immunity, take anti-inflammatory drugs.

Doctors prescribe multivitamin complexes, a number of preventive vaccinations are carried out.

Categorically you can’t try to remove the papillomas yourself at home. This can lead to an aggravation of the situation, the growth of the tumor. Treatment of neoplasms should be prescribed only by the attending physicians.

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